Seafood Consumption May Play a Role in Reducing Risk for Alzheimer’s

Eating at least one serving of seafood a week could help stave off Alzheimer's di

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California Governor Jerry Brown speaks in front of a California flag in Long Beach

Governor Brown Delivers 2016 State of the State Address

SACRAMENTO – Warning of the next inevitable recession and the “zigzag of spend-cut-spend” budgeting, Gove

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Federal dietary guidelines advise eating about 8 ounces of seafood a week, but most U.S. consumers fall short of this goal, according to a study conducted by Agricultural Research Service scientists. A 5-ounce serving of cooked farmed Atlantic salmon provides more than 1,800 milligrams of beneficial omega-3s.

7 ways to promote seafood as a healthy option

Around the world, consumers have resolved to eat healthier in the New Year. There is no better time than the pr

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Are you seafood savvy? FishWatch can help you make informed decisions about the seafood you eat by providing you with the most accurate and timely information available on the sustainability of U.S. seafood fisheries. FishWatch is brought to you by NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service, the U.S. authority on marine fisheries science, conservation and management.


About Us

CFSI is the voice of the Consumer Seafood Supply Industry.

The California Fisheries & Seafood Institute (CFSI) is the nation’s largest regional organization representing members of the consumer seafood supply industry. Since 1954, CFSI has aggressively served its members in government representation and the marketing and promotion of seafood.

CFSI’s member companies represent all facets of the consumer seafood supply industry. Our members are seafood brokers, exporters, importers, traders, producers, restaurants, wholesalers, distributors, cold storage facilities, transportation companies and other allied industries. While the majority of our members are based in California, CFSI has members from all over the United States and Canada.

CFSI endorses the efforts of FishWatch as the U.S. authority on the sustainability of fisheries.

Mission Statement

This Institute is an association of individuals and business firms engaged in, or allied to, the consumer seafood supply industry. It is formed for the following purposes:

1. To preserve, foster and promote the consumer seafood supply industry, and related activities and to advocate sound legislation for the improvement, preservation, and promotion of the industry; and

2. To market and promote the consumption of seafood and to provide, enhance and communicate a positive image of seafood products and the seafood industry to consumers; and

3. To protect the right of the public to demand free and continuous access to seafood of all types as a valuable source of food and useful commercial products; and

4. To advocate true conservation through utilization of the maximum sustainable yield of all marine resources; and

5. To encourage efforts to plant and maintain those species of marine life susceptible to scientific propagation.

CFSI Officers

Dave Rudie
Catalina Offshore Products

1st Vice President - Membership

Steve Foltz
Pacific Seafood

Vice President - Legislative
Sal Balestrieri
All Seas Wholesale

Vice President - Promotion

Chairman of the Board
Kevin Joyce
Joyce Company, Inc.

CFSI Directors and Staff

Jennifer Barrett
Lee Fish Company

Jim Caito
Caito Fisheries

Joe Cincotta
Pacific Seafood

Bill Dawson
Seafood Suppliers

David DiCarlo
DiCarlo Seafood

Chris Harmening
Seabreeze Seafoods International

Dave Litle
Santa Monica Seafood

Tom Tobin
T.M. Tobin Company

Mel Wickliffe
Pier 45 Seafood

Ad Hoc Board Member
Pamela Tom
Ret., Food Science & Technology Department, UC Davis

Executive Director
Robert E. Ross


Involvement in CFSI through membership, committee participation and special events provides our members with a multitude of opportunities to contribute their ideas to the scope of our association’s missions and goals, to meet and foster business relationships with others in the seafood industry, and to collectively address the issues and the concerns common to all our businesses. Have a problem? CFSI can help. Don’t have a problem? Good – that’s our ultimate goal and why being a member is the thing to do!

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