18 May

State Senate Committee Rejects Fish and Wildlife’s Budget proposal to Increase Landing Taxes 1300%

CFSI members and others from industry lined up to oppose the open budget issues at the Senate subcommittee #2 on Resources, Environment, Energy and Transportation on May 18th. It was an impressive showing by industry on short notice to testify in opposition. Members of the committee voted unanimously to reject the administrations tax hike plan, and recommended a different route to be followed – direct the department to recommend other funding sources to solve their over-spending budget deficit and report back to the legislature by October 1, 2017 on how they can solve their chronic funding problems.

The battles are not over yet as the assembly budget subcommittee can take a different course that will put the issue before the full Budget Conference Committee for final action. But for the moment, we can be grateful for the support of the industry by Senators McGuire, Mendoza, Nielsen, and Wiekowski.

Any questions, info on next steps, call Rob Ross, 916-812-4455.