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In 1954, seafood industry leaders came together to establish a united front to face the challenges of their future. Today, the California
Fisheries & Seafood Institute (CFSI) is stronger than ever. Following is the preamble to the CFSI bylaws, written more than 50 years

This Institute is an association of individuals and business firms engaged in, or allied to, the consumer seafood supply industry. It is formed
for the following purposes:

  1. To preserve, foster and promote the consumer seafood supply industry and related activities and to advocate sound legislation for the
    improvement, preservation and promotion of the industry, and
  2. To market and promote the consumption of seafood and to provide, enhance and communicate a positive image of seafood products and
    the seafood industry with consumers, and
  3. To protect the right of the public to demand free and continuous access to seafood of all types as a valuable source of food and useful
    commercial products; and
  4. To advocate true conservation through utilization of the maximum sustainable yield of all marine resources, and
  5. To encourage efforts to plant and maintain those species of marine life susceptible to scientific propagation.

CFSI is the nation’s largest regional trade association comprised of approximately 100 member companies who are involved in, or
allied to, the consumer seafood supply industry. The members of the CFSI believe that a collective effort is important and necessary to
maintain a strong presence in our state capitol, in dealing with both our legislators and the state’s regulatory agencies.

CFSI works on a number of fronts to protect the rights of the public to demand continued access to seafood of all types as a valuable
source of food. With the continued support of its members, CFSI will:

  • Address every bill that is introduced in the California legislature that impacts processors, distributors, importers, or the grocery and
    restaurant industries. In 2009, we defeated AB489 which would have increased landing taxes and set new rates of 3% of value for
    fish landed in California and called for a study to determine the amount of revenue that would be generated if the 3% ad valorem
    tax applied to all seafood imports into California.
  • Persist in the fight against those who would deny California citizens, by banning commercial fishing, their fair share of the bounty
    of the west coast and against any measure to restrict the free flow of imported and aquaculture species.
  • Continue to address the effects that Proposition 65 has had on the sale of many species that may or may not contain
    chloramphenicol, mercury, acrylamide, PCBs or other chemicals.
  • Enhance our relationship with the California legislature and with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and assist members who wish
    to engage with them for the advancement of their business.
  • Continue to work with leaders of the Department of Fish and Game, Health Services Food and Drug Branch, the Fish and Game
    Commission, CalEPA, and the Offices of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment on important industry issues.
  • Support and advocate the work of the UC and USC Sea Grant Programs and the UC Davis Seafood Technology Department on
    resource management and critical seafood safety issues.
  • Fight unwarranted increases in fees and taxes on seafood, domestic or imported.

As we celebrate our 56th year, we do so with renewed optimism for the success of the seafood industry and the businesses and families
it supports. Though the many issues facing the industry seem bigger in scope than ever, CFSI will take the appropriate steps to address
them and create business opportunities to enhance profits.

The lifeblood of CFSI is undoubtedly our membership base. Your company’s involvement and participation are vital to the health of your company and to the vitality of the industry. We have enclosed a membership application and look forward to having your company as a member of CFSI.

I. Regular Member: Individuals, companies or corporations actively engaged in a business, trade, or profession in California (including subsidiaries or branches of companies headquartered outside California) whose interests are identified with, and whose activities are supportive of the consumer seafood supply industry. Regular member category dues are based on the gross annual dollar volume of business (check appropriate line below):


Class A: Annual Gross Sales over $20,000,000

Class B: Annual Gross Sales $10,000,000 – 19,999,999

Class C: Annual Gross Sales $2,000,000 – 9,999,999

Class D: Annual Gross Sales less than $2,000,000

II. Consolidated Member: Companies with more than one entity within the state that operate under different names than the parent company or have significant independent operations in different locations within the state, or that own more than one company actively engaged in the consumer seafood supply business within the state, may elect a Consolidated membership that entitles all such locations/companies to be included in one membership. A Consolidated membership is entitled to only one vote and only one seat may be held on the Board of Directors within the Consolidated membership.

II. Associate Member: Individuals, companies or corporations allied to, but not engaged in the consumer seafood supply industry in the state of California. Associate membership is also open to those outside of the state of California. (An individual, company or corporation engaged in the consumer seafood supply industry whose principle place of business is outside the state of California, but who maintains a branch office, or has a subsidiary company within the state of California is not eligible for associate membership.)

III. Association Member: Trade associations, cooperatives, or any organized group of individuals involved in the commercial fishing industry as their prinple business.


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